Not at JIS, Indonesia vs Curacao Will be Held at The Pakansari Stadium

Indonesia vs Curacao Will be Held at The Pakansari Stadium
Indonesia vs Curacao Will be Held at The Pakansari Stadium

Garuda Media– PSSI General Chair Mochamad Iriawan ensured that the FIFA Matchday match between the Indonesian national team vs. Curacao was not held at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) but the Pakansari Stadium.

This assurance was conveyed by Mochamad Iriawan during a Working Meeting with Commission X DPR and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Thursday (1/9).

“The plan is that tomorrow, September 24 and 27, we will have a FIFA Matchday in Bandung (GBLA) and Pakansari if so,”

“Our opponent, Curacao from America, is ranked 84. If we win, we will rise again to 150,” said Iriawan.

“Then we plan to naturalize Shayne Pattynama to complete the line-up. Later, all of our defenders will be over 185 cm tall,” said Iriawan.

Then, Deputy Chairman of Commission X DPR RI, Dede Yusuf also questioned Iriawan’s remarks regarding the selection of Pakansari Stadium as the venue for the FIFA Match Day match.

“Why was FIFA Match Day moved from JIS to Pakansari?” asked Dede.

Iriawan explained that from the start PSSI did not plan the match at JIS, but at Pakansari, Cibinong, as the venue for the match.

“Pakansari, not at JIS. From the beginning there was no JIS, from the beginning it was prepared together with the GBLA Stadium,” he said.

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Iriawan explained that the issue of cost was a consideration in choosing Pakansari Stadium over JIS

“The first relates to costs, and the second relates to the interest of the fans who will attend, we need that,” said Iriawan.

Iriawan’s statement is 180 degrees different from the previous PSSI statement. In an official statement last August 19, PSSI Secretary General Yunus Nusi said the two FIFA Match Day matches between Indonesia vs Curacao would be held at the GBLA and JIS Stadiums.

“Thank God we have made a deal with Curaçao. They are a strong team, and will play twice in Indonesia, on September 24 at the Bandung Lautan Api Stadium and on the 27th at the Jakarta International Stadium,” said Yunus Nusi.

However, the PSSI Ketum stated that the FIFA Matchday match would be held at GBLA and Pakansari Stadium.

The results of the working meeting of the House of Representatives Commission X with the Menpora which was also attended by PSSI, namely approving the granting of Indonesian citizenship to Jordi Amat and Sandy Walsh.

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