DPR RI Approves Naturalization of Jordi Amat and Sandy Walsh

DPR RI Approves Naturalization of Jordi Amat and Sandy Walsh
DPR RI Approves Naturalization of Jordi Amat and Sandy Walsh

Garuda Media– Commission III of the DPR RI officially accepted the request for naturalization of Sandy Walsh and Spanish Jordi Amat Mass in a working meeting at the Nusantara II Building, Monday (29/8).

Based on the decision in a meeting held by Commission III of the DPR RI, Bambang Wuryanto as the chair of the session decided to approve the naturalization process proposed by PSSI through the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

“For this time, we offer once again whether commission III can approve the application of Sandy Walsh and Jordi Amat Mass to become Indonesian citizens?” said Bambang asked the participants of the session.

“Agreed,” by the members present. Palu was knocked at around 15.30 WIB.

Before the DPR approved the naturalization of Sandy and Jordi, Menpora Zainudin Amali gave an introduction to the consideration of citizenship news.

In line with that, the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights, Edward Omar Sharief Hiariej, explained the request, and finally the General Chairperson of PSSI Mochamad Iriawan explained the reasons for the citizenship application.

After that Sandy and Jordi were allowed to say two words alternately. Both expressed their gratitude for the opportunity given. On Monday (29/8), both of them attended virtually wearing batik.

In turn, representatives of the 28 DPR members present asked questions. One of the questions asked was about the validity of the documents, so that later there would be no problems before competing.

“We make sure that the two documents comply with the applicable regulations. We make sure that we follow the procedure,” said Edward Omar in a question and answer session with members of the DPR.

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The PSSI General Chair conveyed many things in the session. Question after member’s question was answered straightforwardly. There is hardly any debate as to why the two players should be naturalized.

“For your information, Mr. Chairman, on September 24 and 27 we will play Curacao, the 84th ranked team in FIFA. We ask for permission so that before FIFA matchday we can play both players,” said Iriawan.

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