Bobotoh Angry After Persib Bandung Lost to Bali United

Bobotoh Angry After Persib Bandung Lost to Bali United
Bobotoh Angry After Persib Bandung Lost to Bali United

Stefano Cugurra or better known as Teco asked the Bobotoh to accept the defeat of his pride team, Persib Bandung from Bali United in the sixth week match of BRI Liga 1 2022.

An unfortunate incident was experienced by Bali United after the match against Persib in the fifth week of Liga 1 at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium, Tuesday (23/8) afternoon WIB.

As is known, Persib Bandung had to swallow the humiliating defeat of its guests, Bali United at home and witnessed by thousands of loyal fans.

The team nicknamed Maung Bandung lost with a score of 2-3. Even though they have won two penalties and have won the number of players since the first half ended.

Some unscrupulous supporters seemed to not accept the defeat of Maung Bandung and vented their anger on the players and Bali United officials shortly after the match was over.

The players of Serdadu Tridatu were bombarded with bottles by supporters when they were about to enter the locker room, the fans got emotional, the fans shouted at Nadeo and showered the pitch with bottles and other items.

It didn’t stop there, the rain of bottles happened again after the match. When they were about to enter the dressing room, the Bali United squad were pelted with bottles by the home fans.

In fact, the police had to make barricades and shields to protect the players of Serdadu Tridatu from being thrown by supporters. At the time the players and officials of the Bali United team were about to leave the field and enter the locker room.

“The police let us get out of the field. The first time he came out he threw stones at us. Thank you police for helping us out,” said Teco.

“Once again, we as coaches play professionally, we only come to work hard, we must respect the opposing team and the opposing supporters,” said Teco.

“We have to know the supporters also know how many times he (Persib) has been lost (meaning loss), sometimes he (Persib) has to play in a neutral place, when there is a problem inside or outside the stadium, this situation is not good,” said Teco.

“Not only for Persib supporters, but all Indonesian fans must know the football situation, you have to accept it when you lose, accept it, you also accept it,” he continued.

In that match the referee, M Erfan Efendi, drew six yellow cards, plus a red card which was given to Bali United goalkeeper, Nadeo Arga Winata.

Bali United took the lead by two goals in the first half. The two goals scored by the defending champions were created by Privat Befolo (25′) and Ilija Spasojevic (44).

Meanwhile, Persib scored through David Da Silva’s penalty in the 63rd minute and Erwin Ramdani’s header in the 88th minute.

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